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Customer Testimonials

"Your travel Blue Ray DVD's are absolutely stunning and give much happiness. Your work is a real joy to see and I hope you'd work in other beautiful countries as well." — Gay, Atlanta, GA

"I just thought I would let you know how wonderful the Canadian Rocky Mountains Blu-ray disc is. It was a beautiful experience and I feel as though I have been there all over again, it made me feel so good for the rest of the day. The DVD has even made me cry whilst bringing back such lovely memories." — Rosemary, UK

"The Sernity Moments videos are fabulous, we have all three and I really enjoy the guided meditation on the Hawaiian Islands video too. My husband and I watched them after a long day at work last week, and we both noticed how our stress was reduced and our body relaxed. The images are wonderful – makes you really want to go there, and smell the ocean and flowers.
— Carol, Hillsboro, Oregon

"This DVD material has been used in my practice to successfully implement psychotherapy and other psychological modalities of treatment. An example of patients I have worked with and who have benefited from this DVD include individuals with significant physical trauma as well as heightened anxiety and depression. This DVD has been very helpful in the treatment of returning veterans from both Iraq and Afghanistan. The material is professionally developed and has been of special interest for me in treating patients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder whatever the cause. I have also found the material relaxing when used on a personal basis. This material (DVD) has potential not just in the treatment of PTSD but for use with psychosomatic disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, depression and anxiety disorders. I strongly support the use of this DVD material in the treatment of the conditions noted and likely in other circumstances as well. The potential for this DVD and guided imagery may be unlimited and I highly recommend its use and distribution. I did not receive any financial compensation with regard to my recommendations or use of this product." — Dr. Ronald Turco, M.D., Past President-American Academy of Psychoanalysis

"Many of my patients have suffered from anxiety and stress-related disorders, ranging from migranine headaches to asthama. It seems to me, therefore, that Serenity Moments videos would be helpful in relaxing patients by providing an easy way to reach a meditative state. Moreover, the Hawaiian Islands DVD guided meditation teaches how to regulate breathing, which I believe is the single most important step in lowering anxiety. Finally, Serenity Moments offers an inexpensive, instantaneous escape to an idyllic, stress-free island. In our 21st centry pressure cooker lives, that's a difficult opportunity to resist." — M. Brandon French, Ph.D.

"We were expecting just another pretty video of Hawaii, but were pleasantly surprised by this breathtaking video and gorgeous music. We love Hawaii and truly enjoy the great variety of incredible scenery, nature and amazing wildlife and feel like we are there. The colors are stunning, crisp and clear. We also like the option of playing the video with either just the music and nature sounds, or with the guided meditation which we find to be very uplifting and relaxing. It also helps us relax after a stressful day at work and is a wonderful aid for my insomnia. We highly recommend this Hawaiian video. We plan to have it playing in the background when we have parties as the scenery is absolutely spectacular and the music soothing and relaxing."
— Cathy, Culver City, California

"These relaxation DVDs are outstanding in every way!! I thank you for this production. The footage goes on forever with new scenes. I loved the way you used the zoom lens. Your talent and attention to every detail is evident. The music is so relaxing and soothing. I am a teacher within the Windham School District (within theTexas prison system) and I play your DVDs for my students during my journal writing segment and for stress reducing coping skills classes".
— Barbara, Windham School Teacher, Texas

'I love everything about the Hawaiian Islands DVD. The colors are beautiful, the scenery is perfect and the scenes of crystal clear water remind me of past visits to Hawaii and other tropical destinations. The detail is amazing and the photography is stellar. Beautiful, soothing music and relaxing sounds of nature complete the experience. I love the variety of scenery and occasional tinkling bells. The sounds of nature, ocean waves and gentle winds make me feel like I am there! I like to use the DVD to relax before I go to sleep and as background music and scenery on my second monitor when I work in my home office. Everyone should have this DVD to help with relaxation and to experience overwhelming feelings of wellbeing and peace. I highly recommend this DVD. The pictures, music and experience are top notch .... just be aware you may have an overwhelming desire to visit Hawaii in the near future." — Janice, Portland, Oregon

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