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Alaskan Wilderness Scenic Relaxation DVD

Big Sur Scenic
Relaxation DVD

Canadian Rockies
Scenic Relaxation DVD

Collector's Editions

Glacier National Park
Scenic Relaxation DVD

Great Smoky Mountains &
Blue Ridge Parkway
Scenic Relaxation DVD

Hawaiian Islands
Scenic Relaxation DVD

Italy Scenic
Relaxation DVD

Kauai Dreams
Scenic Relaxation DVD

Video on Demand (VOD)

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If you have questions, please feel free to send us an email at You can order via email, but do not include a credit card number in your email. We will ship your order to you with an invoice and you can mail us a check upon receipt. Please include your name, business name & address, phone number AND email address so we may reach you.

We only ship within the U.S. and Canada due to high cost of shipping overseas. All orders are shipped via U.S. Priority Mail.
If you order 1-3 DVD or Blu-ray discs the shipping fee is $5.95.
4-8 DVDs or Blu-ray discs, the shipping fee is $12.95.

Medical Clinics and Hospitals
If you wish to display our videos in your clinic or hospital for patient viewing, you must also purchase the license to publicly display our content, the license fee is $100.00 per video title, plus the cost of the DVD, Blu-ray or digital file. We can ship the product to you prior to payment if you issue a Purchase Order Number in advance.

Digital Video files
You may also purchase our videos on a USB hard drive and broadcast them via your closed-circuit television system. The cost for the hard drive is $90.00 plus the cost of the digital video file; $15.99 NTSC (letterboxed) and $19.99 for full HD). A license fee of $100.00 per video title is required on all digital orders. Shipping is $12.95. We do accept purchase orders. For more informatno, contact us via phone at (503) 521-9004 or email at

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